MASCOE operations are conducted by leadership consisting of officers, directors, and committees. All members of MASCOE, regardless of Farm Service Agency (FSA) position, grade, title, etc., have the opportunity to serve in a multitude of areas, comprising of various tasks and utilizing attributed and acquired skills.

Officers carry-out the primary functions of oversight common in many organizations; officers often assist all areas of MASCOE operations, from planning and directing events to providing support to committees and communicating with other facets and personnel of FSA and USDA.

Directors represent members across defined geographical areas in Michigan; there are two directors for each geographic region: one that represents graded positions typical of program technicians (PT) and the other represents graded positions typical of county executive directors (CED).

Committees, headed by a committee chairperson, perform and execute specific tasks and work towards realizing certain goals and functions desired by MASCOE and its members.

If you would like to know more about MASCOE leadership or involvement opportunities, please explore the links under "Leadership and Involvment." These pages will detail position structure, current members serving with a brief bio, and/or the functions of each position or committee.

If you would like more specific information on serving, or to volunteer to serve in a capacity, please use the contact form below.