MASCOE Committees perform a variety of functions — from planning and coordinating events, such as the annual convention, to researching and acquiring desired benefits for members, and organizing the sale of every member’s favorite official USDA and NASCOE paraphernalia, memorabilia, and merchandise.

Listed below are the various active committees and their chairperson currently serving:

Awards Committee Co-Chairperson:  Beth Saxton
Awards Committee Co-Chairperson:  Kathy Nelson

Benefits Committee Co-Chairperson:  Kaye Hillock-Vining
Benefits Committee Co-Chairperson:  May Horrigan

Looking for Logo Items? The Emblems Committee manages the merchandise available at the state level. We display various clothing and gear at our annual state convention. Check out the gear at You can make online purchases at any time and have the option of choosing one of the following logos:

  1. USDA – United States Department of Agriculture
  2. NASCOE – National Association of County Office Employees
  3. RASCOE – Retired ASCS/FSA County Office Employees

Not only would you have some fun, good-looking attire, you would support a great cause! Emblem sales help fund NASCOE’s Scholarship Programs.

If you have any suggestions, such as when/where to display the merchandise, or have any clothing recommendations, or you simply have some questions about the gear, feel free to contact the Committee Chairperson, Laura Wilson. Also, let us know if you would like to get involved and participate on the emblems committee.

Emblem Committee Chairperson:  Laura Wilson

Hospitality Committee Chairperson:  Ashley Pepper

Legislative Committee Chairperson:  Bryan Rogers

Membership Committee Chairperson:  TBD

Programs Committee Chairperson:  Wayne Stickler

Publicity Committee Chairperson:  Linda Rector
Publicity Committee Chairperson:  Linda Kline

Webmaster:  Kyle Knapp

If you are interested in assisting, or feel you have a valuable skill-set that can be beneficial towards achieving a committee goal, or would like to request more information regarding MASCOE committees, please complete the contact form below.