See below to know who represents your area as a MASCOE Director.

District 1
Travis Murray
I grew up in east central Indiana about 1 ½ hours south of Fort Wayne. I worked on my grandfather’s dairy, beef, swine and row crop farm till I graduated from high school. I then attended the University of Florida and got an undergraduate degree. I also worked as a student athletic trainer for four years. I got my masters degree from Purdue University in soil and crop science, and worked as a research technician for the Agronomy Department.

My California bride, Leta, married me in 1995 and we moved to Clewiston, Florida where I worked as Crop and Environmental Advisor for Farmers around Lake Okeechobee. I then got accepted as a COT in Michigan in March of 2003 and I am now a CED. My oldest daughter Trinity will be graduating from High School and my youngest daughter will turn 15 in May 2018.

My staff over the years have meant the world to me. God has blessed me with staff who want to serve our producers. I love MASCOE/NASCOE because it helps protect and provide for me and my staff. I am so glad for those before me who had the fore sight and tenacity to get MASCOE/NASCOE going. It is an honor to serve in such a great organization.

Jennifer Micheau
I grew up on my family’s dairy farm in Wilson, in the beautiful UP of Michigan. This gave me an appreciation for the great outdoors, gardening, and animals. I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, running, kayaking, and doing crafts. I joined the FSA family in January 2006 as a PT in the Menominee County office, and transferred to the Delta County office in December 2014. I became involved with MASCOE because it is the voice of county office employees and to network with other employees. I think it is a great opportunity for any Michigan FSA CO employee to broaden their horizons and meet the many great others that make-up the FSA family.

District 2
Steve Markely
My career in FSA is this:  I was hired by FSA as a temporary employee in August of 2002.  I became a COT in March of 2003.  When vacancies were finally posted in April of 2004, I was hired as the CED in Berrien County.  I then took over as Gratiot CED in October of 2006, where I currently reside. I truly enjoy working with my County Committee.  I learn something each meeting.  My favorite part is just talking to my COC about farming.

I grew up on a farm in Wheeler, Michigan, growing soybeans, corn, wheat, and sugar beets.  Wheeler is a HUGE suburb of the greater Breckenridge metroplex, located in northeast Gratiot County.  After graduating from Saginaw Valley State University, I worked at various levels for a lumber company prior to working for FSA.

Outside work, I spend time with my family.  I have two sons,  one in high school and one in college.  My wife has held a position with the same bank for 28 years.  We are truly tied to our community that we grew up in and live in.  Apart from farming, I also like yard work, landscaping, and building projects.  I love to get onto a tractor and move dirt (insert thunderous Tim Taylor grunt here – UHH-uh-uh!).   I believe the best scents are freshly turned soil in the spring and a whiff of diesel exhaust on a crisp fall morning.

To me, MASCOE means representation.  It provides a voice for FSA county office employees and is a conduit for information between those employees and the upper levels of USDA.  NASCOE and MASCOE are vital to make certain we’re incorporated into all legislation that affords us benefits identical to GS employees, while also communicating about programs through the employees who implement them and work with producers on a daily basis.

Linda Applebee
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District 3
Rosemarie Gallagher

I began my career with ASCS, at the State Office as a Program Assistant in Price Support fresh out of college! I graduated on Sunday – and officially began work on Monday.   While I grew up in Sanilac County which is mostly rural, I was a town kid. I had a lot to learn …

I was hired into the COT program just shy of 5 years, it was a six month program back then. But no offices were opening, or when they did an incumbent CED was the winner of the interview. That left me, filling in for offices that were short handed or inundated with the Disaster Programs at that time. Finally, I found a home in Kalamazoo county. When my home county Sanilac opened up just 9 months later, I took the opportunity to come back to the Thumb!

MASCOE and NASCOE does such an important job for employee benefits. It’s an employee voice organization and that means we as employees/members need to be engaged and involved in the organization. I have served as Director since 1995 and Secretary Treasurer from 2000 – 2007, served as the Program Committee Chair as it first was rolled out until 2013, MWA Program Chair 2009 -2013.

I have had the opportunity thru MASCOE and NASCOE to attend Legislative jumps, Midwest Area Rallies, and National Conventions and cultivated some great relationships with individuals throughout the nation. I encourage everyone to be involved, experience FSA life outside of your county through MASCOE.

Rachel Jaworski
Agriculture has a hold on me. I played in the fields as a child, and I worked along side my father during the summers; all of that leading to the building and growing of my own family and farm operation. I started with the FSA in 2014 as a temp in Monroe County, which became a permanent position in 2016. Immediately after the transition to full-time employment, I joined MASCOE as a member. I believe in support associations and organizations, such as MASCOE, that advocate for the betterment of employees and share similar interests to my own. Most of all, I believe that MASCOE has allowed me to cultivate lasting relationships and experience new opportunities.

District 4
Dan Brauer
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Rhonda Barnett
I have been a PT since February 2008 in Cass County (or the wrist bone in the mitten!), where I live on the family farm here, which grows corn, soybeans, and raises NAE pigs in the great outdoors! Walks down the dirt roads and through the woods  around our farm with my husband, whichever child is home at the time, two dogs, and the family cat are a daily ritual and form of great enjoyment for me. Personally, I feel that a significant benefit of being a MASCOE member is the extra insurance plans available; there is an awesome cancer policy that turned into a blessing a few years ago when we came face-to-face with cancer. MASCOE is the voice for the county office employee so that we are not overlooked or forgotten.